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Aerocool Goes High End with GT-A Gaming Case


Well-known for their interesting case designs, Aerocool takes a step back and focuses on bringing gamers something to drool over. Now don’t get me wrong; there is still a lot of flash, but it now compliments the beautiful design of the new Aerocool GT-A.

The new GT-A has a very nice list of features to speak of, including 3 slots …

NZXT H440 ATX Computer Enclosure Reviewed

NZXT H440 Enclosure 11

Many enthusiasts are starting to gravitate towards clean looking cases. And companies like NZXT are willing to deliver them. While this trend has gone so far as removing even optical drive bays, end users still occasionally need DVD/physical media to build systems or install games. However, the majority of physical media has shifted away towards downloadable content. Even the best …

Thermaltake Received IDEA Award 2014 for the Core V71 Case


We have never really cared about awards or “critical acclaim” for a number of reasons, but there is something to be said for intelligent design. The new Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower Chassis is a marvelous example of brilliant practical design. Winning the IDEA Award 2014 is just the cherry on top.

Thermaltake seems to have approached the design of …

Aerocool Goes Light with New Dead Silence Color Options


We know that a large majority of the DIY community members like to go extra “manly” with our computers. Everything needs to be dark, angular, and aggressive looking to ensure maximum something. We also know that some people like warmer colors with less of a military hardware look. Aerocool’s new colors for the Dead Silence Cube series ensure they have …

Fractal Design Start Rebuilding from the Core


Fractal Design hit the ground running when they first started introducing products to the DIY crowd. Their first efforts were monumentally successful, but had a few things here and there to tweak. Truly listening to their customers, Fractal Design is starting a campaign to redesign everything starting with the Core Series.

It’s a simple formula that we wish more companies …

COMPUTEX 2014 – Hands On With the In Win D-Frame Mini Chassis (Video)


Team Futurelooks is in Taiwan right now, getting ready to cover the show that all PC DIY enthusiasts should care about. Leading up to the opening of the show, which begins on June 3, 2014, at the Nangang Exhibition Centre in Taipei, we’ve been busy attending factory tours, and meetings, to ensure we’ve got some great content to show you, …