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Silverstone KL05 Kublai Series Cases Launch Quietly for the Holidays


The Silverstone Fortress (FT) and Raven (RV) series are great looking cases that sport innovative design and premium materials, which also come with a premium price tag. That's why the company created their KL or Kublai series of cases, that also come with some innovative design, but at a much more affordable price. With CES 2015 just around the corner, …

Antec ISK600M Goes Big with Small Form Factor


Let's face it. The days of super small, book-sized PC cases is over and it is time to look to the future. If you need something that is small enough to hide behind a monitor, you get a pre-built mini PC. You need something even smaller and more portable you get a tablet. You need something that doesn't take up …

Thermaltake Mid Tower Core V31 Has Full Tower Cooling System


We have talked at great lengths about cases in the past that have been designed with cooling in mind. This may be the first time when a cooling system was designed with a case around it. The new Thermaltake Core V31 has found a way to take cooling-focused features to a whole new level.

The main reason some enthusiasts go …