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Windows 10 “Spartan” Browser Kicking IE Down Bottomless Pit


A lot of people I know have a particular distaste for Internet Explorer and they’re certainly not alone in that sentiment. We’re far more likely to use something like Google Chrome instead and Microsoft knows it. Now, there’s word that Microsoft is finally going to do something about it in Windows 10 by effectively killing IE and replacing it with …

Silverstone KL05 Kublai Series Cases Launch Quietly for the Holidays


The Silverstone Fortress (FT) and Raven (RV) series are great looking cases that sport innovative design and premium materials, which also come with a premium price tag. That’s why the company created their KL or Kublai series of cases, that also come with some innovative design, but at a much more affordable price. With CES 2015 just around the corner, …

YouPorn Gets in Bed With Spanish e-Sports Team


I don’t think anyone saw this one coming.

Internet purveyor of adult entertainment, YouPorn, has just penetrated the eSports scene with a hardcore Spanish team previously known as Play2Win. As part of the deal, the five man team will be re-branded as “Team YP”, and will begin unloading on the competition at the Gamergy Dota 2 tournament in Madrid later …