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Futurelooks Does GottaCon 2014 in Victoria, BC Canada (Video)


Futurelooks made their way to GottaCon 2014 this past weekend to bring gamers the joy of PC DIY. Accompanied by audio from Creative Labs, motherboards from GIGABYTE, GPUs from NVIDIA, and cases from In Win Technology, we gave over 3000 gamers of all kinds, a chance to experience the best in PC gaming technology. Also there support of the PC …

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony Featured a Russian Cyber-Athlete


By now, you’ve surely heard all the horror stories from visitors to Sochi for these Winter Olympic Games. You’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding stray dogs, the “dangerous” yellow water coming out of hotel taps and the numerous uncovered manholes. But even so, the Olympics are normally a time to celebrate the triumph of human physical ability through sport. …

Microsoft Names Satya Nadella as New CEO


After some speculation over the past couple weeks and months, today Microsoft announced who will be replacing Steve Ballmer as their new CEO. Satya Nadella, the executive currently in charge if the Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group, has been asked to take the big chair. This announcement is also accompanied by news that Bill Gates is leaving his current Chairman …

New OCZ Warranty Policy Covers SSDs (But Nothing Else)


Now that OCZ has arisen from the dead, thanks to the resurrection powers of Toshiba, many people are wondering what will become of the product warranties on all the OCZ products that they already have. This applies equally to the brand new Vertex SSD announcements, as well as legacy products you may already have in your system.

Well, OCZ is …

Why Remote Online IT Education Is the Future


We do just about everything online these days. If you really didn’t want to go out into the real world and interact with real people, you could easily handle your finances via online banking, order your groceries through a variety of online vendors, and make your income online as a web developer. I’m not saying that we should all curl …

The Big Picture of Process Automation


I remember when I still had my Palm Pilot PDA. I thought it was a fantastic little device that let me organize my calendar, my contacts, my to-do list and the rest of it, but the problem was that I had to manually sync up the data with my desktop computer each day. Nothing was automatic, as great as the …

The 2013 BCITSA Fall LAN Party Breaks All Attendance Records


Early last week, we posted that we’d be returning to the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Burnaby, BC  to spread the joy of PC DIY and gaming at the 2013 BCITSA Fall LAN party. With our friends from MEGATechNews and some great Road Show sponsors including GIGABYTE, ADATA Technology, Steelseries, Western Digital, BitFenix and be quiet!, we headed …