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Pi-Top: Build Your Own Laptop Using a 3D Printer and Raspberry Pi


As DIY enthusiasts, we have been building, customizing, and upgrading our desktop PCs for years. The one thing we have always wanted to do with this is take those skills and build our own laptop, which has been nearly impossible due to lack of standardization of components and preformed cases. This my be a thing of the past with the …

Zalman Not Bankrupt, Warranties Remain Intact


And so the Zalman saga continues. Earlier this week, we reported that Zalman declared bankruptcy after it was revealed that parent company Moneual defrauded banks for over $3 billion in loans, driving Zalman into the ground. Now we’re hearing that only half of that story is true.

The Moneual execs involved in the controversial scandal have reportedly been arrested and …

Intel Owes You $15 and AMD 15 Years of Sales


Do you remember owning your first Pentium 4 processor about 15 years ago? I don’t, because I have been with AMD since my AMD K6, so this isn’t for me. Everyone else I am sure had a Pentium 4 because it was marketed as the fastest CPU on the market to date. Well, it turns out that was mostly smoke …

The NewEgg Supreme Combo Features Superb NVIDIA GPU Flaw


When retailers bundle components together, there’s a chance you can save some money, and take the guesswork out of your latest build. Sometimes, retailers have fun and put out some insane builds that you might never buy. But they do get us dreaming/thinking about what our own “supreme builds” might end up looking like. Although I’m sure retailers create these …