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Lenovo Adware is Apparently a Feature on New Computers


Adware is bad, no matter what you say to justify its existence. It's part of the sketchy part of the web that most knowledgeable users tend to avoid, and what thousands of shops across the country make money on, by helping you remove it. So when we found out that Lenovo was installing adware onto new machines on purpose, you …

The AMD vs NVIDIA Battle Reignited Over GeForce GTX 970 Memory-Gate


If you haven't already heard, NVIDIA has been under fire over the amount of usable memory on their GeForce GTX 970 GPUs which advertise 4GBs onboard. However, if you use more than 3.5GBs of memory, you'll see performance degradation of up to 60% in some situations. While most users will not hit the limit, some will, and with high resolution …

CES 2015 Coverage – GIGABYTE Shows X99 SOC Champion Motherboard, New BRIX S, and the Aorus X5 Gaming Notebook (Video)


GIGABYTE continues to soldier on as the number one motherboard maker on occasion, with stiff competition from ASUS. And like ASUS, GIGABYTE has continued to branch out into different product categories. At CES 2015, we see their continued commitment to the PC enthusiasts and overclockers, but we also see great headway into product categories such at their BRIX mini PC …