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IBM Developing Brain Chip for Future A.I. Overlords


IBM is moving us closer and closer toward our computers ruling the world. They are working on a computer system that is modeled after the human brain. This means the computer will take input from an array of sensors–auditory, visual, etc.–and process it the way the human mind does.

The entire concept of IBM’s new 4096 core “brain chip” is …

Windows 8 Updates on Hold, Windows 9 May Be Full Steam Ahead


It’s no secret that Windows 8 is the OS no one wants to like. It’s like an odd numbered Star Trek movie; the vast majority don’t want it, save for a few die hards. Well, Microsoft may be taking this opinion to heart with some of their latest moves regarding the maligned OS. Originally we were supposed to receive a …

On the Future of Cloud Computing


It’s fascinating how technology evolves over time… and how we inevitably look to our past in order to create our future. Consider, for example, the whole concept of using a computer. Back in the early days, the normal thing to do would be to have the one main computer and then have several terminals connect to this central computer. It …

Taking the Conventional Laptop to Brave New Arenas


It used to be that there was a great divide between the world of desktop PCs and notebook computers. If you really needed a powerhouse of a machine that could handle your high-end gaming and video editing, there really was no choice but to go with a desktop. If you wanted to take your work on the road, naturally a …

To Un-Socket or not to Un-Socket? That’s a Question for INTEL and AMD!


One of the amazing things about the DIY PC market is the level of control and customizability you have to create whatever your heart desires. You can build something very inexpensively, or build something with the same top notch components that the best system builders use. Everyone has access to the same parts, but the combinations are endless. This of …