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ASRock P67 Pro 3 LGA1155 Sandy Bridge Motherboard - Photo Gallery

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  • Krygaids

    Wow, so much voltage to get a 2600k running at 4.2ghz?

    Mine runs 4.7ghz on a 2500k with 1.344V.

  • Flash

    I'm in the process of creating a compilation for a new Sandy Bridge based computer for my neighbor and found this review. Here are some of my thoughts on it:

    First off, you must either have the absolutely worst 2600k in history OR you don't know squat about overclocking OR you were just too lazy to run stability tests at lower voltages.

    Secondly, you keep mentioning - both here on the website and in the video on YouTube - that this is a budget board. Well, an i7 CPU is a bit over the top for that target audience.

    All in all though, thanks for this good review.

  • Ericgaray

    LOL FLASH! That's overclocking for you. Sometimes I get good boards and sometimes not. My 2600K hits 5GHz - so it wasn't the CPU. But with any overclocking, you have to logically and objectively consider the variables. 1. I ran the most current BIOS at the time (which isn't always dated properly vendor websites). The latest do wonders for just about any P67 out there. 2. Not all VRM are created equal. 3. Could be a glitch in the BIOS - I don't dissect the code to find out.

    The board is completely budget oriented. Obviously, our readers know the Core i7 isn't exactly budget. I know so many people who were smart and spent more money on their CPU and video cards than the boards so they could get all the top end benefits.

    And, speaking of benefits, why are you using a P67? Just wondering why you wouldn't consider one of their Z68 Extreme 4 or Extreme 7 boards.