If you can handle virtual reality gaming from a tiny mini-PC, surely you can get your VR on with a high-end laptop too. The good people at Dell have now unleashed an updated family of Alienware gaming notebooks that they promise will deliver VR right out of the box. Or at least they’ll be capable of it.

This newwest update is being delivered in three flavors of VR laptop gaming. The Alienware 13, Alienware 15, and Alienware 17 come with their corresponding screen sizes, of course. The level of performance also ramps up as you get into the larger laptops too. While they all get NVIDIA GTX 10-series GPUs, the range-topping Alienware 17 gets the flagship GTX 1080. The others will have to “make do” with the GTX 1060 and 1070.

In all three of the new Alienware gaming laptops, you can expect full support and capability out of the box to handle both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Go with the biggest Alienware 17 and you get overclocked Intel Core i7 k-series processors to go along with DDR4 RAM running at up to 2667mHz too. The new hinge-forward design allows for a slimmer package and more cooling in the back.

Other niceties include RGB LED lighting for the TactX keyboards, Windows Hello cameras and full HD displays. Orders for the Alienware 15 and 17 start on September 30 with the Alienware 13 to follow some time in November.

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Alienware Marks 20 Years of Continued Innovation with All New Gaming Notebooks Capable of Powering VR Out-of-the-Box

  • New Alienware notebooks are made for virtual reality enthusiasts and demanding gamers, adding even more VR-ready options to Dell’s industry-leading offerings for both Oculus and HTC Vive headsets
  • New hinge-forward design, new metals and materials build on Alienware’s iconic look and deliver innovative technology for gamers
  • The entire family of notebooks feature the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series mobile graphics with best-in-class performance that enables up to 85% better performance than the previous generation Alienware notebooks1

 TORONTO, September 2, 2016 — Celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leading pioneer in high-performance PC gaming systems, Alienware improves experiences for gamers with the introduction of its first ever VR-ready notebooks. The new line of notebooks boast the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series family of GPUs; desktop-class graphics performance comes to notebooks for enhanced capabilities and realistic gameplay. Alienware’s latest engineering advancements include the integration of new construction materials to improve thermal management for these new powerful components, as well as add durability and rigidity to the celebrated Alienware design aesthetic.

“Gaming is in a time of renaissance right now; awesome games and development, amazing resolutions and technology, plus the pure excitement around VR experiences – it’s an incredible driving force and it feels similar to the energy that started Alienware 20 years ago,”said Frank Azor, general manager of Alienware and XPS, Dell. “These new notebooks are a product of that history and approach, but also of the demands and expectations of gamers today. Being true to both is what Alienware is about and we’re proud to bring these notebooks to gamers.”

Engineered for Gamers

Innovative engineering that focuses on gamers first is a hallmark of Alienware’s two-decade success in the industry. The demands for higher resolutions, more realistic gameplay and virtual reality usher in the need for more performance, and for Alienware, better design. The inventive integration of new materials such as anodized aluminum, magnesium alloy, steel reinforcement and copper add form and function to this new design. Adding copper to the unique thermal solution improves cooling capabilities across both CPU and GPU; combined with the new hinge-forward design, notebook ventilation can increase performance as most thermal dissipation flows up and out the rear. The all-new Alienware TactX keyboard introduces an optimized RGB LED for better key lighting, plus a full 2.2mm of gaming-grade travel that feels incredible, and is steel-reinforced for durability. Aluminum and magnesium alloy improve design quality and rigidity, while anti-smudge finishes add great utility to the aggressive new look of these notebooks. To improve audio output, a new speaker design includes internal smart-amps that monitor audio waveforms, enabling the use of the entire thermal margin of the speaker for stronger sound. This ground-up approach to design has helped address the stunning performance of cutting-edge components and has even enabled these new notebooks to be thinner than their predecessors.

Alienware 17

The new Alienware 17 is the ultimate gaming notebook with an emphasis on screen size, gaming performance and overall immersion. This flagship notebook gains more power with overclocked Intel Core i7 k-series processors and DDR4 memory running up to 2667 Mhz. Newly added support for optional IR Tobii eye-tracking technology adds great accessibility features based on where you’re looking. It allows gamers to fine-tune their skills with a new Overwolf app that can replay gaze patterns so gamers can track where they were looking during gameplay; gamers can then learn from their mistakes and be sure to focus their attention on the best opportunities to crush the competition. Tobii partnered with Alienware to add exclusive features including enhanced presence detection tied to the iconic AlienFXlighting zones; the full LED system illuminates and changes based on where the user looks. Only on Alienware will the Tobii camera detect one’s gaze, allowing the user to record and export gaze patterns as a coaching tool to help improve gameplay. It can also sense presence and attention to understand when there is engagement with various elements of the device or lock the system when the user walks away; these unique features help optimize power, performance, and can improve security.

Alienware 15

Balancing superior gaming performance with portability, the new mid-size Alienware 15 is for gamers that want the best of both. With more power in a thinner frame, it comes with great graphics options from AMD and NVIDIA, including the stunning, VR-ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. Coming standard with a 15.6” FHD, IPS Anti-Glare, 300-nits display, additional options include FHD 120Hz display with NVIDIA G-Sync for incredibly smooth, synchronized frame rates and UHD IGZO for 4k resolutions. Built so gamers can be on the go, its exceptional battery life keeps it going with a 68 watt-hour lithium ion battery and an optional 99 watt-hour battery to enable extended gameplay when away from a plug.2

Alienware 13

The new Alienware 13 may be the brand’s smallest notebook, but with some big improvements. Configurable with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics, this aggressive design will offer one of the most compact VR-ready devices ever. Whether gaming at high resolutions or in one’s own virtual world, trillions of LED lighting combinations through eight unique programmable lighting zones with up to 20 distinct colours deliver truly dazzling gameplay.

Additional Gaming Options

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier is designed to propel mobile gameplay to warp speed as a plug-in companion to Alienware notebooks; small enough to slide into a standard carry case, yet powerful enough to transform mobile gaming, the Graphics Amp can be the quickest ticket to 4k gaming and beyond.

Great for adding to one’s Graphics Amp or any Alienware device, Dell offers some of the best monitors in the world. The new Dell 24 Gaming Monitor (S2417DG) delivers sharp and clear QHD graphics and matches gamers’ speed of reaction with virtually no input lag at a 1 ms panel response time for the ultimate competitive edge. The Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor (U3417W) takes the benefits of curved, ultra-wide screens even further with a more immersive viewing experience; it is perfect for going deeper into gaming action with extended peripheral vision and 18W speakers for a cinematic experience.


The new Alienware 15 and 17 systems will be configurable to the users’ needs and available to order starting on September 30, 2016. The Alienware 13 will come in November and more detail will be available at that time. These new and updated solutions can be found onAlienware.ca or Dell.ca in Canada. Please check your local retailer for specific availability in your region.

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