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The second-generation Microsoft Zune has been available in the United States for a few months now and it's only a short while away before Canadians will be able to get in on some Microsoft-flavored portable music and video too. The trouble for Canadians is that because this is the first time the Zune will be available north of the 49th parallel, there aren't going to be that many options when it comes to accessories and other paraphernalia for it. This is in sharp contrast to the Apple iPod, as the latter has been around for a lot longer.  Even when a new iPod model emerges on the market, all the major accessory makers jump at the opportunity to make a new speaker dock, skin, or some other accessory designed specifically for the shiny new iPod.

Thankfully, the good people at Agent18 are coming to the rescue of Zune owners as they have developed a fantastic case to go with the Zune 80GB Media Player that we reviewed earlier. Dubbed the Dragon Shield, this polycarbonate case will protect the Zune from all the usual bumps, bruises, and scrapes. This way, you won't have to worry about the occasional drop or brush up against a harsh surface.

Features and Specifications

Agent18 Dragon Shield Case for Microsoft Zune

Because this is "just" a case, you're not going to find anything all that groundbreaking with the Agent18 Dragon Shield for the Zune2 80GB. Even so, it seems like Agent18 has done a good job with the construction and you can easily tell that the quality is better than some of those el cheapo iPod cases you may have at the dollar store or thrift store.

According to the official product page, the Dragon Shield -- which retails for $24.95 -- comes with the following features:

  • Simple snap on/off design
  • Clear carbonate back and front lens protection
  • Access to all connectors and buttons
  • Compatible with Zune 80 player

Yeah, it's not the most exciting feature set you've ever seen, but it does what it needs to do and it does it well. I have to note that this is a hard case, as I'm sure you've noticed, so fans of silicon cases will have to look elsewhere. I have a generic silicon skin for my iPod nano myself and I enjoy the grip provided by the rubberized surface.

Agent18 Dragon Shield Case for Microsoft Zune

The hard plastic of the Dragon Shield does not afford this same level of grip, but there is a slight texture to the polycarbonate. This way, it's not too slippery. Overall, I'm pleased with the choice of materials.

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