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ASUS Poseidon GTX 980 – A GPU That Breathes Air and Water


The NVIDIA GTX 980 is the company’s hottest GPU to date. With a more reasonable price of around $599.99 US MSRP, and loads more performance for the dollar over even its highly decorated GTX 7xx series, the next generation Maxwell GPUs have solidified their place in gaming history. ASUS is also looking to solidify themselves as a top provider of …

COUGAR Announces 500K, Remembers Some Gamers Still Prefer Membrane Keyboards


Up until now, it seemed only companies that had a vested interest in the mainstream market were building performance membrane-based keyboards. Microsoft and Logitech both have products that sit on the high end of the market while still using the technology. When you switched over to the gaming space, mechanical keyboards were almost the only game in town. That was …

Fractal Design Kelvin Water Cooling Systems Finally Arrive


We’ve been waiting for Fractal Design Kelvin water cooling systems to arrive for a few months now. Ever since we saw them in June during COMPUTEX 2014, we’ve been intrigued by the competitive price points, and the features they would be bringing to the all in one water cooling segment. It looks like December will be the month that …

MionixLabs to Give Gamers Ability to Track, Monitor and Analyze Performance


Many gamers are familiar with monitoring the performance of their PC. After all, you don’t want your hardware choking in the middle of a heated battle, or to drop connection on approach to that critical co-op point with your buddies. What about monitoring your body? Gaming does affect your body physically, and not just the numbness in your butt from …

ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer Micro-ATX Motherboard Reviewed

ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer Motherboard 8

Cost continues to influence consumer spending. This is especially true with today’s X99 motherboards. Some feature rich models cost a premium while others are more affordable. Affordable boards can means fewer premium features, though reliability and performance should never be sacrificed. However, another way of offsetting costs while adding a few features back is to build one on a Micro …