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The NVIDIA Titan X Reveals Itself at GDC 2015


As if NVIDIA didn't steal the show already with the announcement of their new Shield Console at GDC 2015, they had to one up themselves with another major hardware announcement. Last year, they unveiled the Dual GPU Titan Z, which is still an incredible GPU even today, but of course, that's so last year. So during EPIC's "State of Unreal" …

Windows 10 Subscription Coming As Windows 365


Despite reports to the contrary, it's starting to sound like Microsoft is very interested in offering a subscription-based version of Windows 10 that would effectively work the same way as Office 365. Indeed, a trademark for the term "Windows 365" has been unearthed and it was filed by Microsoft to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

The …

Desktop-Killing GIGABYTE P37X Gaming Laptop with GTX 980M


For the longest time, I led a laptop-only computing experience. I had a docking station at the home office that was connected to an external monitor, mouse, keyboard and some other peripherals, but having a notebook meant I could go anywhere and do anything... except my laptop was sluggish, slow and underpowered. If you want to have some real gaming …

Still on Windows XP? Microsoft Will Still Support It (But It Will Cost You!)


In April of 2014, Microsoft officially retired Windows XP. But for corporations that still use the operating system for any number of reasons, Microsoft still offered the ability for companies to extend their service agreements through what they called a "Custom Service Agreement" (CSA). This CSA provides security updates to the OS, on a firm by firm basis, with contracts …

Every Current GPU at Every Budget Comparison Tested


The GPU market seems to always be moving. With new products and new drivers showing up, performance can ebb and flow. PC World decided to freeze time, and test every current AMD or NVIDIA GPU in a marathon flurry of testing, giving us a snap shot, of how every GPU performs compared to one another today.

PC World writer Brad …

Windows 10 Ends Auto Update Restart Anger


Windows 8 isn't perfect, but it got better with Windows 8.1. It sure would be a lot more perfect if it supported only a limited amount of hardware, versus pretty much every piece of hardware, but it wouldn't be Windows. It wouldn't be the heart and soul of every PC DIY build where one wants the most choice in …